UX Portfolio

  • E-Business Card App

    As a final Interaction Design assignment, I developed a prototype for a mobile application for electronic business cards using user-centered techniques. Report available upon request.

  • Application Redesign

    Our assignment asked us to find and redesign an existing computer application. I chose Iphone's "Grocery Gadget App," because I had tried to use it in the past and found the interface confusing. I redesigned the application based on the application's goal, target user and real user feedback. Report available upon request.

  • Eye Tracking Study

    I conducted a small eye-tracking software test to analyze preferences between MAC and PC interfaces. Based eye-tracking results, I critiqued the interfaces using Don Norman's 6 IxD Principles. Report available upon request.

  • Wait In Line Application

    I created an application interface prototype that would allow a driver, who use a standard route (ex: to and from work) to calculate the fastest route taking into consideration traffic and weather. After developing the app, I solicited user feedback to improve design flaws. Report available upon request.

  • Book Store Website Taskflow

    This group project asked us to design website work flows and wireframes for an independent bookstore. Report available upon request.

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