Graphic Portfolio

  • I developed an advertisement for a Photoshop assignment. I used a photo of my nephew, took a photo of a bowl of cereal and inserted hand-drawn images to create an eye-catching piece.

  • I learned fashion re-touching skills for a Photoshop assignment. The end result was a magazine cover featuring myself.

  • Using inDesign, I designed a stationery set for myself for a class assignment.

  • I created this logo for Cultural Festivals, an art non-profit. I used Illustrator and chose web and Pantone color palettes. The organization still uses the logo today:

  • I designed a light-pole banner for the Saint Louis Art Fair's "Pleasure of the Palate," a street filled with local St. Louis restaurants. I used Illustrator and worked with a printing company for production.

  • A package label design Photoshop assignment. I enjoyed the challenge of making the label look as though it was wrapped around a bottle.

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